The Cardiac Surgery Department of the Scientific and Clinical Centre for Cardiac Surgery and Transplantology provides highly specialized medical care to patients of all ages suffering from congenital, acquired heart defects and CHD.

The Department employs highly qualified surgeons and pediatric cardiologists, who have been trained in several clinics in the near and far abroad countries (Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Germany, China, etc.). The nursing staff is responsive, knowledgeable, and dedicated to their work. As a result, the diagnosis is optimised at most and the treatment process is accelerated.

Constant training and equipment upgrading enabled the Centre to introduce advanced technologies in cardiac surgery. Our cardiac surgeons perform surgeries with minimal damage to the surrounding tissues, with small incisions and often use endoscopic access to the mediastinum. The Centre is a leader among Kazakhstan hospitals in the implementation of this methodology and holds innovative invention patents. This approach allows patients to quickly recover from surgery, achieve complete recovery and obtain excellent cosmetic effect.

Furthermore, we have established a modern method of diagnosing congenital heart defects in children even before their birth (fetal echocardiography). When a congenital heart defect of the unborn child is detected or suspected, we perform close monitoring. It is possible to perform an EchoCG (heart ultrasound) in the first hours of birth, make a definitive diagnosis and determine the further treatment tactics. Our colleagues perform surgeries on clipping of hemodynamically significant open arterial duct in preterm infants at the Regional Perinatal Centre. The program of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation as a life-saving method of treatment of a number of disorders in newborns and children has been adopted as well. For example, diaphragmatic hernia, severe pneumonia, persistent fetal circulation, meconium aspiration, myocarditis, etc.

The Department collaborates with the world’s leading pediatric hospitals (Israel, Turkey, China, Ukraine) and the continuous exchange of experience and knowledge allows the Department to use the latest information and technology to successfully treat children with congenital and acquired heart diseases.

In addition to the therapeutic practice, we are constantly working on the organizational and methodological plan with the doctors of the district hospitals. In particular, we discuss such issues as early diagnosis, first specialized medical care and clinical examination of patients with congenital heart defect.

As a result, after a successful surgery about 90 % of young patients turn into absolutely healthy patients, their cardiac activity in the future is not different from their peers.

All conditions have been created for comfortable stay of children with their parents in the Department. Cozy rooms, a game room distract and reduce pre-operative excitement, calm children.