On June 23-24, a master class was held with specialists from the NCPDH

06/23/2022 a memorandum was signed between the Scientific Center of Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery of Almaty in the person of Acting Chairman of the Board Manzhuov Lyazat and NCCCT Taraz in the person of Director Joshibaev Seitkhan

Specialists from NCPDH have arrived:
- Head of the Department of Cardiac Surgery Berdibekov Almaz Bekbolatovich,
- Head of the Intensive care unit Nalibayev Atham Shakirovich
- specialist X-ray endovascular surgeon Onlasynov Aziz Kazhimukanovich

During the master class, the following events were held:

The first day:
1)One patient underwent X-ray endovascular closure of the OAP
2) One patient underwent X-ray endovascular closure of large aortopulmonary collaterals, which led to high pulmonary hypertension
3) Probing of the cavities of the heart with Tetrad of Fallot

On the second day:
1) Experts from the NCCC shared their experience (oper. Team: head of KHO1 Mukhamedov Ikrom Ismanovich,cardiac surgeon Kenbayev Azamat Bekbolatovich, anesthesiologist Begalieva Fariza Sapargalivena, perfusiologist Esmahan Eleman, opera. Gulbarshin's sister) DMPP plastic surgery on a working heart from a mini-thoractomy (section 4-5cm)
2) Radical correction of the Tetrad of the Fallot to a 6-month-old child.
(opera. team: head of the Department of Cardiac Surgery Berdibekov Almaz Bekbolatovich, Mukhamedov Ikrom Ismanovich, head of the intensive care unit Nalibayev Atham Shakirovich, Begalieva Fariza Sapargalievna, Esmakhan Eleman-perfusiolg, Omar Sabitov

It was a fruitful collaboration and a useful experience for everyone. It should also be noted that all operations were carried out without complications.


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