Most often, chest pain can occur due to the development of diseases of the circulatory system and heart❌

The most common:
Coronary heart disease — sudden and sharp pain appears, increases with physical exertion (running, brisk walking, coughing).
Myocardial infarction is manifested by acute pain on the left or in the middle of the chest.
🔸️Pericarditis — there is intense pressing pain in the chest.

But chest pain can also occur for reasons unrelated to the heart.
For example, diseases of the respiratory system:

⏫ Bronchial asthma
⏫ Pneumonia
⏫ Oncological diseases of the lungs

In case of disorders in the gastrointestinal tract, pain and burning in the lower part of the thoracic region also often occur

📍 Spasm of the esophagus, stomach or gallbladder
Acute attack of pancreatitis
Stomach and duodenal ulcer
Gastroesophageal reflux

We strongly recommend that if you experience pain in the chest area, immediately consult a doctor