he Cardiovascular Surgery Department No 2 provides routine and emergency medical assistance, stationary support within the guaranteed free medical care as well as paid medical support to the community (citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan and non-residents) with cardio-vascular pathologies for treatment of complex and severe cardiac disorders.

Baglan Uzbekovich Turtabayev – Deputy Head of the Cardiovascular Surgery Department No 2, cardiovascular surgeon. Mr. Turtabayev graduated from H.A.Yasawi International Kazakh-Turkish University and attended on-the-job training in cardio-vascular surgery and transplanting in Astana, Again University in Izmir (Turkey), Minsk (Belarus), Chennai (India), and Kiev (Ukraine).

Cardiovascular surgery procedures performed in the Department: Coronary artery (mammary coronary) bypass graft surgery given artificial blood circulation and beating heart Prosthetic care and reconstruction of the heart valve of the patients with acquired valvular heart disease Reconstruction of ascending aorta and aortal arch and its major branches Surgical correction of combined heart disease and coronary disease Surgical treatment of associated heart fibrillation in patients with coronary disease and heart disease

Port Access surgery

- artificial left ventricle implantation

- pacemaker implantation

- resynchronising device implantation

- cardioverter – defibrillator implantation

- electrode extraction.