The first "LVAD School" in Zhambyl region

The first LVAD School in Zhambyl region at the Scientific and Clinical Center of Cardiac Surgery and Transplantation
Since the beginning of this year, the LVAD School has been open and operating at the Scientific and Clinical Center for Cardiac Surgery and Transplantation (NCCCT). This is the first School in Kazakhstan where the Center's specialists conduct practical training for colleagues from districts and cities, diagnosis of end-stage CHF, selection for surgical treatment, presence at surgery and management of patients after surgery.
The long-term course of chronic heart disease leads to the development of chronic heart failure (CHF). Death occurs from decompensation of this disease. In Zhambyl region, NCCCT is the curator of the CHF Roadmap and is working on the selection of patients for surgical treatment of the heart. Currently, there are 1,562 people with severe CHF, 270 of them with terminal stage, 23 patients need mechanical support of the heart. An artificial left ventricle (LVAD) was implanted in 35 patients in the region. Taking into account the urgency of the problem and in order to share experiences, the LVAD School was opened on the basis of the NCCCT. With the support of the Department of Public Health, 2-day training courses for cardiologists and intensive care specialists of the region and the city were organized at the workplace, presence at the operation, management of patients with end-stage CHF before and after implantation of an artificial left ventricle, a practical lesson on ECHOCG diagnostics of patients with a reduced cardiac ejection fraction, features of further monitoring of these patients, control LVAD device parameters.