Seamless implantation of a biological aortic valve

Seamless implantation of a biological aortic valve.
For the first time in the Zhambyl region in Taraz, on the basis of the Scientific and Clinical Center of Cardiac Surgery and Transplantation, within the framework of the International Conference of Turkic-speaking countries "Acute and chronic heart Failure", a master class on prosthetics of the aortic valve with a seamless biological Perceval valve was held. The team of cardiac surgeons of the NCCCT, together with Kuatbaev Ermagambet, PhD, Head of the Department of Cardiac Surgery of the National Scientific Cardiological Center, Astana, implanted a seamless biological aortic prosthesis to a 76-year-old patient with a diagnosis of aortic stenosis. The patient was admitted to the Center complaining of shortness of breath, pressing pains in the heart area, fatigue. According to vital signs, she was recommended an operative intervention. The operation was successful. The patient has been transferred to the Department of Cardiac Surgery and is undergoing postoperative rehabilitation. A self-expanding seamless valve was implanted using a minimally invasive surgical technique to replace the patient's affected aortic valve.
Innovative methods of cardiac surgery can minimize operational risks, avoid sternotomy, which allows you to preserve the chest frame, reduce the risk of infectious complications, and reduce the severity of pain syndrome. It also facilitates breathing in the early postoperative period, eliminates the need to wear a corset for a long time and makes it possible to return to normal life faster. Implantation of a biological prosthesis frees the patient from lifelong Warfarin intake.
Thanks to innovations in medicine, healthcare has reached a high level, the duration and quality of human life is increasing, and the dynamics of providing high-tech medical care is growing.